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Taking Your Guitar on the Road

by Fretlight
on April 30, 2013 on Playing Tips

I’ve found myself traveling more and more these days, but airport security can be a pain in the neck when carrying a guitar. I thought I’d point out a few tips for everyone, whether you’re just learning to play the guitar or are a seasoned pro:

1.  Don’t take tools

I know, I know, the tools necessary to change your strings are right in your case/gig bag so you can remember where they are and they’re handy. When you go through airport security count on not having those tools any longer. They will make you throw away those nice pair of wire-cutters. So do yourself a favor and go through the pockets in your bag/case and take just what you need. Truthfully, even a spare set of strings might get flagged.

2.  Play your electric acoustically

Depending on your skill level, you might be a person that practices without amplification most of the time. That’s perfectly fine. It’s a great way to really hear the resonance of your guitar. I was told a long time ago the way to really tell if an electric is going to sound good through an amp is to play it acoustically first.

3.  Headphone amp

If you do want to amplify, take a headphone amp designed for guitar – like the VOX headphone amp we sell. I used it a couple of months ago on a trip to NYC and it was great. The tone is fantastic and my iPod ear buds plug right in. Battery life is long and it’s small and handy. Now I take it everywhere I go.

Welcome to Fretlight

Welcome to Fretlight

by Fretlight
on April 16, 2013 on From the Fretlight Team

We welcome you to the all-new Fretlight blog, a place to read more about what we’re up to, the products we offer, and the team that is Fretlight.  As we give our blog a new look and feel, we’d like to tell you a little more about what you can expect to find here.

Whether you’re stopping in for some quick facts on how to restring your guitar, or looking to soak up some information on Fretlight’s latest technology, we’ll be working to bring you stories and news that keeps you informed and interested.  You can plan to find dedicated posts about how to master those hard to learn chords and scales, the best of Guitar Pro 6, playing tips that will put you ahead, how to customize your guitar, read who’s saying what from interviews we share, and see and watch great photos and videos.