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Share Your Story with Alice Cooper

Written by Fretlight
Fretlight on June 7, 2013

learn guitar with fretlightAs you already know, Fretlight is the fastest way to learn to play guitar.  You possess the knowledge of an intricate and complex musical skill that so many wish they had.  You understand the Fretlight learning process and have embraced the methodology, achieving success quickly in your musical journey.  Now that you have found the answer, Fretlight is bringing you the chance to become a part of someone else’s solution.  You can help those who have quit after they struggled to learn how to play guitar, as you lead by example and share your story.  It is time for you to help those quitters follow their destiny.

Conventional teaching methods do nothing to accelerate the learning process, but as you have discovered, the LED light innovation of the electric and acoustic Fretlight guitars guides finger placement, giving players the chance to learn up to 10 times faster than ever before.  This technology is changing the music landscape and you too can spread the word with a little help from a rock legend and friend.

Alice Cooper - FretlightThe doctor is in and the prescription for a quitting cure is Fretlight.  The Father of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper, has joined forces with Fretlight Guitar as the resident Rock Therapist to bring together “tried but quit” guitarists in a welcoming online community, Quitters Anonymous™.

Quitters Anonymous™ is a unique space to compliment and parallel the Fretlight learning journey.  Think of this as a group therapy session.  Through the website, members have access to exclusive content, including video interventions and guitar tips from experts.

This informational community is interactive and inspiring, offering a venue for you to share your individual Fretlight experiences that will help guide quitters to the ultimate solution for their ailment.  You can now be a sponsor for quitters and the ultimate proponent of the system that will help them finally learn to play guitar.

With 80% of those who begin to learn to play guitar quitting within the first 90 days, both Fretlight and Alice Cooper seek to bring an end to this trend.  We firmly believe that with the proper tools from Fretlight guitar and the support from Fretlight players like you, downtrodden quitters can become musicians and learn to play guitar too.

So pick up your Fretlight and join us and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Alice Cooper on Quitters Anonymous™ by submitting a testimonial video and giving motivation to others who are struggling.  Help us reinforce the message with substantial proof of success and encourage others to embrace our message.

Quit QuittingFollow Your Destiny.


Whether you want to learn to play easy songs, complex scales or anything in-between, the Fretlight guitar is the key for you to unlock that ever long desire of playing guitar or getting better. It’s so simple, it works.

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  • Frank Braun

    Learning the guitar is a goal for many people, but far too few ever turn the dream into a reality. Some are unable to spend the time it requires to meet their short-term goals, and they become frustrated and eventually don’t pick up their guitar again. Others reach a point where they no longer progress as quickly as they would like, and their enjoyment of playing begins to fade.